4/1/19 Cranky Studio Grand
3/16/19 Mitch Stahlmann Mills College
12/22/19 Mitch Stahlmann The Octopus Literary Salon
1/8/19 Nadine The Hole
1/8/19 Mitch Stahlmann The Golden Bull
12/12/18 Mitch Stahlmann The Octopus Literary Salon
8/16/18 Dustceawung Khyber Pass
8/1/18 Dustceawung Kitty Cat Klub
8/1/18 Lip Gym Kitty Cat Klub
7/25/18 American Cream Kitty Cat Klub
7/19/18 American Cream Duluth Coffee Company
6/29/18 Loud Sun The Cooperage
6/27/18 Loud Sun Hungry Brain
6/2/18 Daniel Bonespur Moon Palace Books
6/2/18 Daniel Bonespur Moon Palace Books
6/1/18 Friends Mirror Lab
5/24/18 American Cream Kitty Cat Klub
5/19/18 Lip Gym Yeah Maybe #29
5/6/18 Recorder Marching Band May Day
4/29/18 American Cream Dead Media
4/13/18 Dustsceawung Mirror Labs
4/8/18 Experience the Inner Ear As Kinetic Sculpture Low Key Arts
3/24/18 American Cream Dead Bedlam
3/23/18 American Cream Palmers
3/16/18 Dharma's Dead Jackson Flats
2/26/18 Dustsceawung Dead Media
1/26/18 6fam Outreach The Cedar Cultural Center
1/26/18 Friends The Cedar Cultural Center
1/20/18 mitchKARAOKE Yeah Maybe #24
12/31/17 mitchKARAOKE 3rd Space
10/9/17 Basketball Group & Friends MCAD
10/5/17 Pool Party Khyber Pass Café
10/5/17 Eric Larson's Meme Town Walker Art Center
9/16/17 Mith Brainforest Café
8/31/17 6fam Outreach Khyberpass Cafe
7/22/17 GetFreeWiFi Yeah Maybe #19
7/15/17 Stahlmann&Sands Gamut Gallery
6/29/17 6fam Outreach Khyber Pass Cafe
2/24/17 A Six Families Triptych Cedar Cultural Center
2/11/17 Flim third space
1/16/17 KNITXING Kitty Cat Klub
11/30/16 Six Families Outreach Kitty Cat Klub
10/22/16 Friends Punk-Ass Classical
9/24/16 mitchKaraoke Dead Media
4/21/16 Friends Khyber Pass Cafe