mitch stahlmann

Typically, my pieces are meant to be delivered as opaque as they get without much insight outside of a fun environment for the individual to really get a true read. Luckily, my best presentations are vivid and live, like literally in a live setting to properly showcase my versatile and visceral skill set.
My practice encompasses the spectrum between music. The resulting musicality can be best imagined as Lee Renaldo playing a solo on the set of Pee Wee’s Playhouse with an audience of nearly twelve. My visual aesthetic easily follows this suite and has been represented through commissions for album art, poster and web designs. A resulting history has allowed space for my work and practice at The Walker Art Center (MPLS), Pro Arts (OAK), Yeah Maybe (MPLS), Elanor Hardwood Gallery (SF) an numerous other thoughtful establishments. My collaborative pursuits as a musician have equally boosted my credibility with pressings on Orange Milk, Moon Glyph and numerous other critically unacknowledged indy labels.
Being a true millennial through and through, I try not to separate any identity too far apart, but rather like to think of my full personality as an amoebic form that can transform to most creative work presented. Patience as a virtue taught me that I’m impulsive, and that’s me painting it as a good thing for me.
BM Music Performance - University of Minnesota Twin Cities
MFA Electronic Music and Recording Media - Mills College
Composition Mentors
John Bischoff, Kristin Erickson, Roscoe Mitchell, Zeena Parkins, Tomeka Reid, Laetitia Sonami